Dear Diaper Boy


Did you really think that you’d be able to stay away? Come on. You know what you are. You want to be commited but you’re scared. Scared to realize deep down what these really means. Your training is resulting in a life long change for you, and that terrifies you. I told you when we first began that I was serious, that my training sessions were going to have a lasting impact on you and that’d you’d be a REAL diaper slave by the time I was done.

And what about your wallet has it recovered yet? You were spending about what… $2-3k a week? I want MORE. I haven’t even begun to get started with you yet. If you’re reading this, which means you’re stalking me (and let’s face it, you are) sending $1,000 tribute via Giftrocket to mira at goddessmira dot com and then you will be appropriately punish and begin where we left off.

Give in. Get weak. It’s so much easier this way.


P.S. You better be watching all my diaper clips on repeat and buying every single one I release.



"It's never enough."