October Needs



Buy me more sexy lingerie like this so I can look sexy making fun of you. It’s a win/win.

I’m taking a quick vacation to Vegas in 2 weeks and need Southwest Giftcards , email to mira at goddess mira dot com.

This month I’m going to be filming a lot of content, so what better to gift then something you’ll be able to see on me later in a clip! Please remember gifts are just that, gifts and you should only expect my happiness in return. There’s some inexpensive pieces on my wishlist as well so even you broke slaves can manage! You can also send Amazon GC directly to my email mira at goddessmira dot com to avoid Delivery Code fees on Amazon items only.

I’ll be filming customs this month as well order yours here. If you’d like it to take place in my gorgeous Vegas suite make sure to order ASAP.

Not sure how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to doing cam sessions, spoiling me always gets my attention however and makes me want to jump on cam and get more! What can I say, I want it.

"It's never enough."